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News24x7 Live: May 2022 news highlights in the world Factors that make a news source reliable

Get the latest information on the political landscape, entertainment updates, and health sector in the world with this News24x7 Live news highlight for May! The latest news in the world that you need to know are the following:

World News:

As the world braces for Donald Trump’s presidency, one of his most loyal campaign advisers has declared the incoming US president’s win a “national security issue”.

Trump’s senior adviser, Kellyanne Conway, told CNN’s “New Day” programme that “we have to protect Americans and it’s a national security issue”.

Conway said that a Trump administration would “absolutely” continue to uphold the nuclear deal with Iran, which was struck by the Obama administration and other world powers in 2015.

But she added: “There are many things that he will be doing to protect America.”

The incoming president has promised to be a “neutral” arbiter in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, but has also vowed to “deal with” Iran, a major regional power.

Trump has said he would scrap the nuclear deal, but not before six months of talks with world powers.

His decision has prompted concern in the Middle East and Europe.

Conway said Trump would be “cautious” about any new deal, and added:

“We want to make sure it’s the best deal for America.”

She added: “If we don’t get the best deal, we’re going to renegotiate it.

“But we have to make sure it’s the best deal for America.”

‘Very dangerous’

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has described Trump’s victory as “very dangerous”.

He said: “The US has elected someone who is very dangerous and has threatened the international system.

“He has said that he will not accept the international system, the rules and the principles of international law.”

Rouhani added that he had received a phone call from the outgoing president, Barack Obama, and that they had agreed to work together.

Trump has made a number of incendiary remarks about women in the past, including bragging about kissing and groping women without their consent.

He has also been accused of making sexual advances towards women, including when he was the head of the Miss Universe contest.

“The president-elect will have a long conversation with Israel.”

She also said that the new administration would “absolutely” continue the work of Obama’s White House on LGBT issues.

“We’re going to be the most pro-LGBT cabinet ever,” she said.

On Monday, Trump announced that his pick for Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson, had been approved by the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

The ExxonMobil chief executive will take over the top diplomatic job from the current secretary, John Kerry.

The former Texas governor has vowed to roll back President Obama’s climate change policies, and has also said that the US should abandon the Paris climate accord.

Conway said that Tillerson would “stand up for America”.

She added: “He will be a force for stability and peace.”

Trump will also nominate Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions for Attorney General.

The Senate Judiciary Committee has approved the nomination, with a vote of 11-8.

Sessions, a staunch conservative, has been a vocal opponent of immigration and has a history of making racially charged comments.

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